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Our classrooms are installed with good furniture. The design specifications of our classrooms are comfortable, with a capacity to accommodate 40 students; however, the maximum capacity planned is 25 students.
The tables and benches are carefully made to ensure that the edges are round and smooth so that it should not hurt the children. It has also been ensured that the furniture is comfortable enough to keep the child’s posture straight and upright.
Each classroom is well equipped with the best quality of study furniture, along with other requisite facilities i.e. racks, pegs, pigeonholes and activity material. There are also bulletin boards and display boards placed both inside and outside the classrooms for the information of the parents and guardians..

Most importantly, while adhering to the global standards that DPSJ is committed to, the “e-learning system” has been incorporated as an integral part of the school’s learning system. For this, there are “interactive boards” with "e-content"" provided in classroom.


Vishvas School Hisar has installed Interactive System in its classes. This is the latest technology in the field of Education and an essential requirement for the students in the present scenario of world wide competition with a view to make the students smarter. This system makes the teaching and learning interesting and easy. Interactive System has in-built lesson-plans and ready-made questions and answers sheet as well as audio-visual material for all subjects. It is very useful for language teachers as it has the provision of saving documents, presentations videos etc. which can be accessed directly from the classroom. The server computer is also linked to the internet for uploading any material for direct usage from the classroom.

It also gives opportunity to the teachers to add the extra matter in the existing matter. It is very useful and give relief to the teachers who are allergic to chalk-dust as the teacher can do work on white board with ultra special features.

Interactive System provides to all students with different types of learning abilities by providing worksheets, challenging questions sheets, important activities, quizzes and projects for all categories students. This system has provided a good process of complete integrated teaching-learning process.
Education with Meditation | Values & Ethics with Technologies

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