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Cultural Activities

Our School provides a wide range of activities that are as varied as the interests of the students. Students regularly participate in Inter School and Inter House Competitions.
House System
The House system forms the basis for all competitions in the school.

Activity Clubs:
Besides the main subjects the children are provided with a multitude of activities to choose from in accordance to individual interests and hobbies. The clubs introduced hone the skills of students and make learning an enriching experience.
The clubs are listed below: Maths Club, Science Club, Eco Club, Quiz Club, Aerobics/Karate Club, Art Club, Music Club, Interact Club, Cookery/Handicrafts Club, Dance Club, Sports Club, Interior Decoration Club and Language Club (Hindi, English & Telugu) & Heritage Club.

Co-curricular and Cultural Activity:
The cultural life of Visvhas School with exuberant and vivacious enthusiasm. On days of special significance, national importance, birth anniversaries of eminent personalities etc., the school gathers at a Special Assembly with a programme by children to commemorate these days. Cultural events are also held regularly during the academic session viz Annual Day, Sports Day Fete, Carnivals etc. which provide rich opportunities for honing and expressing talents.
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