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Digital Learning

Our technologies to all its students by revolutionizing its Pedagogy from conventional to modern ways. A digital initiative – Educomp Smart class has successfully converted the class rooms into learning laboratories. Equipped with a large repository of digital content in accordance with the Indian school curriculum, it reaches to students of Pre Nursery to XII, covering all subjects in 2D and 3D modules.

This innovation has enabled students to comprehend the abstract and intricate concepts of the subjects as they experience the mountain unfolding their mysteries, feel the threatening volcanoes and enjoy the uniqueness of Planet Earth. All these cumulatively result in joyful learning experience by ……

• Embracing Technology from Pre-Nursery to Class XII
• Simplifying the Complex Concepts
• Interesting, Informative, Interactive
• Transforming Abstract ideas into Concrete visual images
• Digital Learning facility
• Graphic Presentation of knowledge
• Carefully Designed Modules by subject experts
• Trained Teachers
• Bridging learning Gaps and facilitating Competencies.

Education with Meditation | Values & Ethics with Technologies

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