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Librarian, with the help of library attendant kept the facility open for 2 hours daily (except Sunday’s) during the whole academic year, including national/regional holidays. The boarders enjoyed a lot the extra time to study in library. It helped a lot for the preparations of assignments given by different subject teachers time to time and for the examinations as well.

1. Book Seminar :
Library organizes ‘ Book Seminar’ every year for a week to honour the power of knowledge and inculcate in students, the timeless value of knowledge acquisition . The library organizes a poetry reading session in both English and Hindi to encourage students to love literature.
2. Book Day Celebration:
Book day is celebrated on 23rd April each year where students, teachers and principal are also held.
3. Audio Visual Aids:
To supplement the printed material, the library has separate section for films slides, maps, photographs, poster, charts, radio, T.V. set, record player, V.C.R & V.C.D, film projector , overhead projector and computer
4.New Facts:
To give a feel and experience of new age library students are moulded to make use of the new facts of library.

Education with Meditation | Values & Ethics with Technologies

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