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Student Council

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House School Conunicls

What is a Student Council? A Student Council is a representative structure for students with school Management, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.

Duties of a House Captain/Vice House captain

1. He/She is responsible to be a role model to his/her peers and juniors in the House.
2. He/She is responsible for the care, well-being and high morale of the Boys and girls of his/her House.
3. He/She is responsible to assist the House Master in discharge of the latter’s duties.
4. He/She is responsible to ensure that all Boys and Girls of the House are aware of all the orders and instructions, passed on from time to time.
5. He/She will assist the House Master in ensuring that all Boys and Girls get an opportunity to participate and train in all the house Games. He will also assist the House Master in selection and training of the House Teams.
6. He/She will ensure that all Boys of the House are properly dressed for the occasion and are on time at the designated places.
7. He/She will ensure good order and discipline of the Boys in his House and whenever the House is seated/participating in central events.
8. He/She will ensure no bullying takes place in his House
9. He/She may be called upon to officiate as the School Captain in their absence. Separate specific orders will be issued for this.
10. He/She will discharge all the duties of the House Prefect in his absence and will be conversant with such duties.
11. He/She will assist the School Captain to discharge his duties and maintain discipline and in doing so will have the right to :-
a. Check students of other houses
b. Administer Corrective Drills as laid down in the “Corrective Drills Manual” to Boys of any House if required.
12. He/She will take orders from the House Master for dissemination to the boys of the House & give a feedback/report to the Housemaster.
13. He/She will disseminate School Orders passed down by the School Captain from time to time.
14. He/She would be responsible for maintaining the House property entrusted to his charge.
15. He/She will be responsible to ensure a conducive atmosphere for English being the sole medium of conversation in the House/ School.

Duties of a House Prefect

1. He will be understudy to the House Captain and will discharge his duties in his absence.
2. He will assist the House Captain to ensure an environment of brotherhood camaraderie and spirit-de-corps within the house.

3. He will carry out the ""Morning and every Inspection" of the Boys in the class and in assembly.


Listening to students
A student council can listen to the views, opinions and ideas of all students in the school. Representing students’ views
A student council can represent students’ views and it can be a forum for students’ concerns to be addressed. It can also air students’ difficulties, on behalf of individuals or groups, which might not otherwise come to light. It can bring the views and concerns of students forward to management and teachers in a diplomatic way. A consultative body
A student council could have a consultative role. Students could be consulted prior to implementation of new school policies, e.g. uniform, drugs, bullying, games, sports and activities. This would be useful in terms of collaboration and all-inclusive orientation.
Contribution to developing policy
A student council can contribute to the development of school policies, including the development of school rules. It can have a say in the running of the school.
Providers of information
A student council could provide management with information. It could alert management to student concerns of which they might not be aware and also provide management with ideas and solutions to problems that students have, e.g. peer pressure, bullying, etc.
A resource
A student council can be a resource similar to the parents’ association and can work in tandem with the management.
A communication channel
A student council can be a vital channel of communication in the school. It can provide management with information about the opinions of the student body and can also give feedback to the student body from management. It can provide a link between the students and the management, teachers and non-teaching staff.
Peer support
A student council can act as a peer support group. It can provide support on a confidential basis for students with problems, e.g. personal, social or teacher/student relationships.
An educational opportunity
A student council can be a learning tool. Students can learn to think critically through involvement with the student council.
Improving school atmosphere
A student council can create a positive school atmosphere by providing students with a sense of ownership of their school. It can make school more pleasant and fun.
Establishing links with the wider community
A student council can establish links with the wider community.
A student council can have a role to play in dealing with bullying within the school.
School social issues
A student council can ensure that there is equality of treatment between boys and girls, and senior and junior cycle students.
Improving student/teacher relationships
A student council can improve student/teacher relationships.
Improving school conditions for students
A student council can improve the day-to-day conditions for students, e.g. school uniform, food, drinks, toilets, breaks, etc.
Improving school facilities
A student council can have a role in improving school facilities, e.g. lockers, benches or seating areas for break-times, sports facilities, better school equipment, school décor.
Improving the learning environment
A student council can help to improve the learning environment by achieving a good school environment suitable for all staff and pupils to work to their maximum ability.
Raising students’ awareness of ‘bigger’ issues
A student council can raise students’ awareness of social issues, such as poverty, the environment, health and peer pressure.
A partnership
A student council can be a partner with management, staff and parents in running the school.


Introduction :
1. Vishvas Sr. Sec. School Shall have a selected body from the class VIII to XII and I to VII students who will be nominated and appointed in the Student Council.
2. Boys and girls to SC are selected by a body comprising the Principal, House Masters, coordinators and other responsible persons of the staff. Selection is based on Boy’s conduct, academic & sports achievements and the moral values of the student. Aim
3. The aim of having the Management is to give an opportunity to selected students to tenant responsible position in the School and in doing so help the Staff in the following :-
a. To ensure high moral of the boys and girls.
b. Well-being of all boys and girls.
c. Excellence in academics and sports at VISHVS SR.SEC. SCHOOL .
d. Inculcating good values amongst the boys and girls.
e. Inculcating very high state of discipline amongst the boys and girls.
f. Be examples /role model leaders to their peers and juniors.

Definition of School Captain
4. A School Captain is a class 12 boy or Girl selected to lead the entire School and council. He/She will assist the Principal in maintaining the customs and uphold the traditions and values of the School. He/She will assist the coordinators in ensuring that the Boys and girls are disciplined adhere to the School routine in a proper manner and are well informed of all the activities. He/She will be assisted by the Head Boy ,Head girl, Vice H B, Vice H G, House Captains, Sports Captain. Definition of Head boy / Head Girl
5. A Head boy / Head Girl is from class 12 or 11 is selected to lead the school. He/she will assist the School Captain to discharge duties to the entire School. Thus head boy/Girl from Council will also be an ex-officio School Captain. Definition of House Captain
6. A House Captain is a class 12 or xi or x or ix boy/Girl selected to lead his/her House. He/She will discharge his/her duties to his/her House and in addition will assist the School Captain, Head Boy, Head girl, Vice H B, Vice H G, Sports Captain to discharge duties to the entire College. Thus he/she will also be an ex-officio School Monitors. Definition of House Prefect
7. A House Prefect is selected from Class VI to XII for Council to act as a House Prefect. He/She will discharge his duties as promulgated from time to time in respect of his/her House only.

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