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Subjects Offered

The medium of instruction is English.

Scholastic Subjects:
LanguageEnglish, Hindi & Sanskrit
MathematicsModern & Vedic
SciencePhysics, Chemistry & Biology
Social ScienceHistory, Civics, Geography & Economics
Computer ScienceC++ Language

Programming/Operational Techniques

CommerceEconomics, Business Studies & Accountancy

Non-Scholastic Subjects

Art EducationDrawing & painting, Music, Dance & Dramatics etc.
Work ExperienceWood Work, Plastic Work, Electronics,Photography, Gardening etc.
Literary ActivitiesDebating, Elocution, G.K., Quizzing etc.
Physical & HealthDebating, Elocution, G.K., Quizzing etc.
Moral & Spiritual EducationDebating, Elocution, G.K., Quizzing etc.
Social UsefulSocial Service, Special Literacy Drive,Productive Work etc.
Club/Hobbies & Project WorkDebating, Elocution, G.K., Quizzing etc.
National Integration ProgrammesDebating, Elocution, G.K., Quizzing etc.

Education with Meditation | Values & Ethics with Technologies

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