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Examination Pattern

Payment of Fee

The school fee should be paid in four installments i.e.
1st April to June

2nd July to September

3rd October to December

4th January to March

Fee should be paid in the first month of quarter i.e. April, July, October & January.

The School Fee should be paid before 10th of the particular month after that a fine of Rs. 10 per day will be charged till 30th or 31st of the month. If student failed to pay the fees till the particular time period the name of the student will struk off from the roll, in that situation the student can be readmitted in case of payment of all dues and panalty with the prior permission of Principal.

The School Session starts from 1st of April so fees will be charged from 1st April, unless paid in some other recognized institution (from the same Board) a certificate is to be provide in that case. Parents/guardians will preserve the fee receipt to them and produce them in proof of payment, if required.

Fee Details

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