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Examination Pattern

Withdrawals Policy

1.) Before withdrawing, it is mandatory to give as long a notice as possible, with a minimum 1 month in writing only on the prescribed format available on the school website/admission office, prior to the end of the Academic Year i.e. latest by 31st December.
2.) If the withdrawal notice is given after 28/29th February once month fee of the following Academic Year shall be charged in the favor of the School In case of withdrawal any time after the commencement of the academic Year i.e. 1st April, the fees of the year shall be changed/infested in favor of the school
3.) School Leaving Certificate (Transfer of Certificate) will be issued only after clearance of dues and payment of amount in favor of the school
4.) The withdrawal form in the prescribed format (available on the school website) admission office) should be filled by the parent and be submitted to the admission office.
5.) The reclining date of the school original copy of duly filled and signed withdrawal form will be treated is final date of withdrawal. No verbal/telephonic/email intimation will be entertained.
6.) The decision of the principal in this respect is not open to question.

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