About us

About us

The Vishvas Foundation: Nurturing Spiritual, Social, and Educational Excellence

The Vishvas Foundation stands as a beacon of spiritual enlightenment, social transformation, cultural preservation, and educational empowerment. Established in the year 1978 by the venerable Gurudev Shree Swami Vishvas Ji, the foundation's foundational pillars are grounded in the dual ideals of "Human Services and Self-Realization." This harmonious fusion of service to humanity and the pursuit of self-discovery serves as the bedrock upon which this organization has flourished.

From its inception, the Vishvas Foundation has left an indelible mark on every facet of human existence. Its far-reaching influence spans the spectrum of society, addressing the spiritual needs of individuals, fostering social cohesion, nurturing cultural heritage, and empowering the minds of future generations through transformative education.

In the realm of education, Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji embarked on a visionary journey by founding the Vishvas Education Board in the year 1985. Serving as a prominent unit of the Vishvas Foundation, the board's primary mission was to establish Vishvas Schools and Colleges. These institutions were conceived with a noble purpose - to provide a contemporary education that rests upon the solid foundation of spiritual and moral values.

The headquarters of the Vishvas Education Board currently reside in Panchkula, a vibrant city nestled in the heart of Haryana, India. The choice of location reflects the organization's commitment to impacting both regional and national educational landscapes.

The Vishvas Education Board operates with a visionary perspective - to cultivate forthcoming generations that are not only intellectually equipped but also morally and ethically resilient. The foundational lessons imbibed during the formative years of schooling lay the cornerstone of an individual's character. Recognizing this, the board asserts that the educational journey is incomplete until knowledge is seamlessly woven with values and wisdom.

True to this philosophy, the board places a profound emphasis on nurturing the holistic development of every child. This holistic approach encompasses the nurturing of physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions, thereby fostering a comprehensive growth that transcends academic achievements.

Central to the foundation's ethos is the cultivation of strong character and a sense of universal brotherhood. The board recognizes the pivotal role that schools play in shaping the ethos of their students. Consequently, they curate course curricula that seamlessly weave together academic subjects with meditation, yoga, music, and moral education. This harmonious blend enables students to forge a strong sense of purpose, direction, and resilience - qualities that empower them to navigate life's journey with unwavering determination.

The vision of the Vishvas Foundation extends beyond the boundaries of classroom walls. It envisions a world where education transcends the acquisition of facts and figures, and instead becomes a transformative force that molds individuals into compassionate, responsible, and conscientious global citizens. Through its multifaceted approach to education, the foundation aims to nurture leaders who can steer societies toward progress while remaining anchored in the timeless values that define humanity's essence.