About Vishvas Foundation

The Vishvas Foundation is a spiritual, social, cultural and educational organization established in 1978 by Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji as its Founder & Head. VF is different from other Foundations working for the cause of humanity. ‘Human Service and Self-Realization' is the twofold pious aim of this Foundation. Devoted to the pious cause of development/upliftment of human life, Vishvas has made home in every heart within a small period of its foundation. Today young and old, men and women are not only acquainted with the name of Vishvas but they are ever keen to find an opportunity to participate in the twofold activities of Human Service and Meditation for self-realization or self-improvement conducted by Vishvas.

The services being delivered by Vishvas are so extensive that it is hard to find any field or any dimension of human life which has been left untouched. VF has more than three dozen schools and colleges in northern India. In addition to the Vishvas Education Board, it also manages Vishvas Vidya Mandirs (Free Schools), Orphan Homes, Women's Workforce Development Centres, Computer Centres, Medical Foundations, Eye Foundations, Hospitals, Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic Dispensaries. Through its hospitals and health clinics, VF also provides free health care services to those with no means. It also supports a multitude of noble human services like physical and spiritual relief in times of natural calamities, poor girl's marriages, free food bhandaras in hospitals and scholarship to meritorious but needy and poor children. The deep impact of these services can be easily perceived by the transformation in the lives of the people. Not only those who receive these services but also those who provide them gain immense satisfaction. In addition, general meditation camps, advance meditation camps and deep meditation schedules are conducted regularly at appropriate locations so as to nurture the inner aspect of human beings.
‘Vishvas Foundation' is neither a sect having faith in some specific ritual nor is it a group of people having similar likes, interests or tastes nor is it a crowd of people who blindly follow some specific method of worship. Instead, It is a fragrant garden of devotees of Almighty who have got pining thirst, sincere yearning for peace and a good realm and constant craving for Self-Realization; the ultimate aim of whose life is BLISS. They derive it from within and share it with everybody around. Spreading bliss is their worship and providing happiness is their contentment. Their lives are ever fragrant spreading the fragrance of virtues like love, sincerity, generosity and deep intimacy and brotherhood.

The Founder & Head of the organization Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji is a fully enlightened soul, having arrived at the pinnacle of inner experience and transformed himself into a Spiritual Master who professes total life. He exists as a blessing to the people of the world, bestowing Divinity, Light, Truth and Bliss. He has attained the highest possible state of fusion with God, thus embodying both human and divine qualities. He propagates the ancient art of Meditation, of taking a journey to the inner realms, in its pure and natural form to suit the present day and age. He is the progenitor of Vishvas Meditation, which satisfies both the Head-oriented mind as well as heart oriented.
The devotees having pining thirst upon descending into ‘VISHVAS MEDITATION' find this truth unveiled within them that ‘God is undivided and hence He can only be realized by undivided (or integrated) consciousness. When one diverts one's own attention inwards, one integrates one's consciousness. The inward flow of ‘Vishvas Meditation' helps one shift one's consciousness from all ‘doing' to ‘being' i.e. ‘non-doing'. Action i.e. ‘doing' is required to progress in the world but the key to descend deep into the mystery of this existence is ‘non-doing'. This path of ‘non-doing' is equally accessible to all. Upon descending in the process of ‘Non-doing' or ‘being' one witnesses the fundamental unity of all human beings.

‘VISHVAS MEDITATION' is a conscious, definite, and meaningful effortless process for guiding humanity to the abode of love, to the empire of peace and energy, and finally attain the total life i.e. totality.